B2B Content Marketing

B2B Content Marketing

What we do

It’s the knowledge economy, customers now have many tools in their hand. They no longer depend on sales departments to educate and inform them. All the information they need can be accessed and researched with a quick search on google. This means content marketing is more important than ever, especially for B2B companies.

Why is content marketing so important for B2B?

In the digital age, B2B marketing plays a vital role in the B2B sales process. It is used to qualify leads, provide them with relevant information, and move them through your sales funnel. The strategic content you produce should draw interested customers to you instead of firing anything out to the masses and hoping to hit someone and get a positive response.

What do we do to form a successful content marketing campaign?

Depending on the nature and progress of your business online our content marketing programs will involve some or all of the following processes:

B2B Content Strategy
We help identify your goals, core message, develop your prospect persona in which we help identify their goals, personas, priorities and common objections. We then convert those into actions plans.

Content Audit
We examine all the content you already have and then help to plan how it should be used to your greatest benefit.

B2B Content Development
We help create content, which means we write it, design it and produce into the format you need.

Content Distribution
We distribute the content to your market inline with your new content strategy. Distribution may be via social media, search marketing, email etc.

Lead Capturing and Nurturing
We create landing pages for your audience to land on, which will helps you to qualify them and approach them with your sales team.

Content Analyzing and Testing
We keep a close eye on the results of our work to see what content works and most importantly, what doesn’t work.

But can Content Marketing really work for you

You may wonder whether content marketing will work for your company. We also wouldn’t know for sure unless we meet to discuss it, and we wouldn’t take on your project unless we are confident that content marketing is the best fit for your business and goals.

But, you do have to keep in mind that content marketing requires regular investment of your time and resources, if you are hoping to achieve overnight success with content marketing, then it is not suitable for you.

If you’re ready, get in touch

What we do

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